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Nikki Fogden-Moore

Radical Self Belief #Adulting The Rally Of Life

Radical Self Belief #Adulting The Rally Of Life

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It’s not a book it’s a toolkit…

#ADULTING answers the need for a simple approach to declutter and build confidence and reduce overwhelm  in this complicated world.  Written with a candid, honest, raw and real perspective from Nikki’s personal experience coaching in the trenches with her high performing clients. 

This book is for any reader who feels they have lost their Mojo. They feel confronted by their life, not sure where to turn, have tried everything and overwhelmed with a sense of responsibility and confusion on where to turn next.

Written by best selling author of VITALITY and FITPRENEUR –  Nikki Fogden-Moore, #ADULTING is based on 20 years of coaching high performing people and organisations to navigate the road from chaos to calm. How to stop overwhelm and to thrive in the driver’s seat – commercially and personally. 

The third book by Nikki and part 1 of the official QDM™ Series, Nikki brings her Leadership Mojo© program to life in this chapter by chapter playbook for the ultimate sustainable success:

  • Fast track from survival mode to sustainable success
  • Identify where you are now and the 7 steps to thrive in today’s modern world. Remove anxiety and old programming to get firmly in the drivers seat. 
  • How to enjoy the journey of a high performing, ever changing digitally transformed world we work and live in.
  • How to determine your highest values and anchor your decisions with clarity and calm.
  • How to understand your true capacity, surround yourself with the right people (your pit crew) and continually check in on your coordinates –  in all types of terrain and weather you may face both at work and at home.


A reflection of her insightful and experienced coaching.

Nikki is your coach from page 1.

Candid, experienced and with a proven track record. Her empathy, understanding and knowledge of industries, life experiences, challenges and roadblocks that people face is apparent from the start.

Nikki will have you unlock your raw potential, fast. #Adulting is dedicated to leaders and individuals who continue to evolve, and expect the best of them selves and others. Those who are visionary, hard working, driven and passionate in all they do.

This book is written to cut through the clutter. To unlock peoples raw potential. Within the very first chapter Nikki takes the reader by the hand and puts them firmly back in the driver’s seat. Designed as a practical guide, with a set of immediate tools any reader can pick up and implement straight away. 

  • Overwhelm, alone, collateral damage in relationships and health of working hard, no work/life balance, missing major moments in family life, feeling disconnected and alone at the top. Undernourished creatively and commercially they are isolated and frustrated at repeating the same patterns. 

This is not just for CEOs – we are all leaders in life and need to know how to navigate our journey with grace and agility for sustainable success. My readers understand high performance takes its toll, and their biggest pain areas are work/life balance, feeling like they constantly work and are defined by their job or career, often feel alone at the top and like despite all the success previously they are more stressed out than ever before.  This book provides a proven set of high performance, functional tools that resonate, are relevant and real time no matter what stage of their life and career.

What to expect

  1. Learn from other leaders and their insights as to what has shaped their success and overcoming challenges
  2. Dive into worksheets and models to help you assess your vital ingredients 
  3. Determine your best pit crew and create a road map for awareness to accountability and action to fast track positive change and results. 
  4. This book is not about resilience -but focuses on agility, on the ability to thrive in all conditions that life takes us through and all stages. 
  5. Celebrate successes and identify roadblocks to navigate through with grace and clarity.
  6. Step up into your true potential and lead with ease and grace. whether you run a multinational organisation or are launching your business from home – we are all leaders in life. 



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